Gentle Yoga

Have you ever wondered how yoga can help you feel more at ease in your body and mind? Our gentle yoga class will answer your questions! This class is both uplifting and educational. When you take this class, you will receive priceless tips on how to take care of your health in the most natural, simple ways.

Gentle Yoga is a great opportunity to gain back some of your youthful flexibility and light-heartedness! Doesn’t everyone wish for that? If you have injuries, restrictions, or sensitivities, don’t worry! This is the perfect class for you. But don’t put it off any longer. With regular participation, you will start to see real results. And with longer-term, consistent practice, old pains will start to melt away, new suppleness will take its place. You will soon notice higher levels of energy and stamina and even improved brain function.

Beginners and all ages welcome!

This class is in partnership with Island Rec.


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