Tai Chi

Tai Chi and Beyond

Although the Tai Chi forms seem delicate and flowing, it is a misconception to believe that Tai Chi is suitable only for seniors. When practiced accurately, it can be challenging, aerobic, and invigorating. You will gain flexibility, stamina, strength, mental sharpness, poise, and equanimity. It is a fitness system highly demanding on the physical level which also builds character and integrity

Nicholas’ classes are unique, highly disciplined yet always light-hearted. He will challenge you to grow beyond your limitations whilst carefully guiding your individual progress. Each class is filled with humor and pearls of wisdom, as well as a wealth of information on health issues and preventive medicine. There is, in equal measure, an emphasis on modern scientific research, classical philosophy, humanist culture, and ecology. Our regular practitioners treasure this practice as they watch their bodies grow stronger, more supple, and more youthful. And the heart also grows lighter and more joyful!

Beginners, all ages and body types are welcome.




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